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Why Fundraiser a Kickstarter Clone?

Start your own customized Crowdfunding Platform to kickstart your Crowdfunding Business using Fundraiser a Kickstarter Clone.

Let’s plan your business with rich set of features that are bundled in Fundraiser a powerful crowdfunding platform and build customized Kickstarter Clone as per your needs.

Fundraiser a Crowdfunding Script from NCrypted is Fundraising Software that allows project creators to post project to raise funds from crowd across the world. Backers are actually investor who donates funds for project of their interest.

Funds from backers are accepted via PayPal, the most preferred payment system across the world for money transfers such as commission, fund transfer etc. So that it becomes easy to operate even though operator lacks technical knowledge and transaction can be processed automatically.

Commissions can be set on project basis individually or charges for project can be set easily by site admin in Fundraiser a Kickstarter Clone by NCrypted. Commissions are either predetermined or on project basis (No of project handled).

Custom Escrow functionality is also provided for protection of pledged money and ensures project, with condition of fulfilling target budget which ensures full protection.

Kickstarter Clone crowdfunding software is designed for people who are actively engaged to see local community online along with different geo-locations. It also have an advantage that they view local people in community creates trust in them and incline them to open their wallet for project backing.

Fundraiser a Fundraising Software allows you to start your own crowdfunding website in your own local language and to support several other languages language translation is done by administrator of system automatically.

Fundraiser a Kickstarter Clone allows user to login to the website without Sign-up using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other you want to integrate.

If you are lacking money to brand and promote your website then it’s probably a right time to build custom crowdfunding website which makes you stand unique in market.

User can create strong network of their own and selecting from registered user through which they can stay updated with activities of their interest.

NCrypted has hands on experience in developing Crowdfunding Software and Fundraising Scripts like Kickstarter Clone and Indiegogo Clone providing complete solutions in the form of ready-made script or customized solutions as per client’s requirement. Apart from Fundraiser a crowdfunding platform NCrypted has several other products like AirBNB Clone, Elance Clone, LinkedIn Clone, Yipit Clone, EZineArticles Clone and many more.

If you are planning to start business using website clone of reputed websites, contact NCrypted today. For more details you can visit

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