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Start Your Business with Ready-Made Website Clone Scripts


Website Clone Scripts are very useful for those who want to start a business online instantly which means clone script is a script developed by popular websites with many features and functionality.

Clone scripts are turnkey scripts of such famous businesses company created by companies, that can immediately purchase and put it to action. clone script is very useful for those who get to start their business

Clone Scripts are a ready-made copy of the websites that help to build your business website idea. NCrypted provides you that facility to help your startup business like on-demand in the market with custom front-end UI, insightful analytics panels, advanced admin dashboards, etc.

Ncrypted has developed some of the most popular website clones scripts after tears of research and innovation.

Website cloning is finished with quality at NCrypted as we comprehend the significance of different enterprises and organizations. We have gone long separation to study about the market needs and requests to modify different website clone scripts of prevalent websites that as of now have made their situation in the global and national market. We have required some serious energy required to assemble these PHP scripts and items that would fulfill the client.

we give open-source customization as well as help with the specialist which stage to use for your undertaking. Highlights like client the executives, administrator the board, content administration, menu building, classification, web search tool advanced URL, advert the board and some more. it has created a website clone of the prominent brands in the market themselves saying their examples of overcoming adversity.

Benefits of Website clone scripts?

  • Lesser Cost
  • Time-saving
  • Effective for the main purpose of business
  • Uniqueness with useful features
  • Customization as per  client’s requirements
  • Larger resources  to get  better expansions
  • Competitive advantages for your startup


Ncrypted focus is to create custom Ready-made website clone platforms and clone scripts among various domains, industry verticals and categories such as:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Vacation rental
  • Online marketplaces (B2B, B2C)
  • Online accommodations
  • Online reservation booking
  • Hotel booking etc
  • Social network
  • Job portal
  • E-commerce


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