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Crowdfunding: A Window of Opportunity For Startups

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are the same but diffrent aspects of investing money. For New business, the fund is the main requirement and a crowdfunding website has helped so many entrepreneurs to have a start for their new business.

Crowdfunding Platform is being the best alternative source of financing for this quick-paced business world. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the best example of it which attracted thousands of investors to invest in the big thing/idea. Amanda Palmer a singer, songwriter, musician, and performance artist raised money through Kickstarter for her album.

The trend of crowdfunding website in today’s market is increasing day by day.

Total crowdfunding volume worldwide from 2012 to 2015. In 2014, 16.2 billion U.S. dollars was raised through crowdfunding.

Leading crowdfunding platforms worldwide in 2016, by a number of funded campaigns. Kickstarter was the leading crowdfunding platform in that year, with over 19 thousand campaigns funded.

leading regulation crowdfunding campaigns in the United States as of March 2017, by the issuer. The largest campaign was issued by Legion M and received 1.39 million U.S. dollars in funds.

The highest reported funding by a crowdfunded project recently in June 2018 by EOS project raised more than $4,000,000,000 without a live project.

EOS is a blockchain operating system designed to support commercial decentralized applications.


We help you to create your own crowdfunding website where you can invite the fundraiser to finance the projects directly. People from all around can invest and post their projects. It is highly scalable, robust, and SEO friendly crowdfunding platform to finance in the unique idea/projects worldwide and share with all. Fundraiser works on the commission-based revenue model. It means that the owner has the pre-decided amount of commission from each project which is being funded. For example, if there is the funding of Rs.1000 and the admin commission is 3% then the project creator will get Rs.970 i.e. 1000*3%100=30–>1000-30=970.

NCrypted Websites has designed its Crowdfunding Script keeping in mind – start your own, easily customize crowdfunding website.

Ncrypted products powered by crowdfunding script are-:

Kickstarter clone: allows you to stimulate your own Crowdfunding platform where fundraisers can raise funds for projects, as well as for creators of other projects. It is a highly advanced, scalable, robust, and user-friendly platform, created for big data organizations and its architecture is designed with large traffic in mind.

Indiegogo clone: a Crowdfunding Clone, the creator can get funded even though the project’s monetary goal/target is not achieved. users can start a project for any cause that you want to list on your website. Admin, however, has to approve each and every project.

GoFundMe clone: lets you start a crowdfunding platform that helps people in raising money for their personal projects like educational expenses, medical emergencies, charities or any other non-profit initiatives.

SecondMarket clone: is designed to be the best marketplaces for people to buy and sell liquid assets. Most participants are monetary thema, equity funds, qualified investors, and many more who are dealing in secondary markets.

Crowdfunding websites will become more social in time and it is the fastest & easiest way to get funded for start-up businesses. Tyro will seek the best crowdfunding platform that will help to boost the funding for projects. The scope for crowdfunding platforms is increasing daily and it is the most effective way to get funded for projects, make bonds with investors,s and can be billionaires if the idea is powerful and fruitful. Contact NCrypted Websites, we are glad to serve to meet your ambitions.







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