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Why Clone Script or Website Clone Being so Popular? Mystery Revealed!

There is no uncertainty in the fact that if you are interested to reach millions of audiences all around the world in very little time, the only way for it is to bring your business online or plan an online startup. Nowadays every small thing needed by humans is being searched on the internet, as there is a great enhancement of technology in each and every small and big thing. If you are in a plan for a startup or to bring your business online website clone also know as clone script will prove beneficial to you. Before making any prior decisions let’s first understand what actually a website clone means?

What is a Website Clone?

Website clone is a legit website created from scratch by taking inspiration from existing popular websites. In addition, unique features, attractive designs, and performance are applied to these clone scripts. These Website Clones in not really the exact copy of the existing website, its all about going through the features and overall idea behind the existing system and creating a new one with an improved version.

Secondly, it can be defined as a clone script which is a modified twin of online business, designed to effortlessly replicate the function with some more innovative feature. It is a fast and lucrative way of starting your own online venture with lots of inherited benefits. A quick of the waymark to market and enormous scope available for customization makes it an ideal choice for every entrepreneur. Clone scripts are available for almost every major businesses with good market value. Whenever it comes to starting of an online venture, clone scripts play a major role in taking away half of your efforts.

Do You Need a Website Clone?

An answer to these question for almost 85% of cases is yes! If you think to play safe and in a plane to take a calculated risk then clone scripts is a perfect way for your next business venture.

The immediate query coming to your mind, Why? Let’s deep dive into it.

Do you know it lowers your venture investment by 1/10 times? When we point out the online business venture greater part of your investment goes behind the website/app development, hosting and maintenance.

Such a PHP script eliminates half of your cost that you were going to spend on a detailed analysis requirement, features, functionalities, overall design language, use case and user experience. In summary, the clone script which is developed keeping the present trends in mind will always serve as a successful clone script.

Things to Review before Finalizing a Website Clone

There will be plenty of PHP scripts available in the market. It might be really confusing which to select or which suits your business? Let’s get through some points to be taken care of while selecting the clone for your website.


● Architecture

Ask the software company from which you are in a plan to buy PHP script, about the code architecture they are using. If you have bit of knowledge of coding ask them to share the code repository so that you can have a look at their coding practice.

● User- Friendly Design

It’s 2019 and you can’t afford to let go of mobile visitors. User and search engine both tend to have a mobile-friendly design. According to the survey 64 %, searches are made on mobile devices.

● Customization

The code architecture selected by your developer must be flexible as you will require o customize it as per your niches. And so it is always said modular the code architecture lesser will be customization cost.

● Speed

How fast the features of the website clone script runs is one important point to be noted. As speed and performance always come first when your user will surf the website. And so make sure your website runs faster.


Check out that your script has on-page SEO, inter-page linking, meta information, search engine, and easy-to-remember the URL.

● Maintainance

Check whether is it easy to maintain the script or you need any extra skills to be learned for maintaining it.


● Technology

Technology stack being used to develop your script will have a greater impact on cost, as the server infrastructure and the web hosting cost will depend on it.

● License

Read the license term twice before buying the script. Changes in the code voids warranty and so read the licence terms properly before reading it.

● Administration

With all the above things, also refer to the back-end administration panel. As that part will help you to manage the entire system, users, contents, payments, commissions, and a lot of other things.


PHP scripts are the perfect solution for the majority of startups and first-time entrepreneurs. About 90% of the websites are built on PHP scripts as it really becomes easy to customize these scripts. At NCrypted Websites, you will get the scripts which are being developed by expert professionals after years of analysis and research. Yet need more information contact NCrypted Websites.

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