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Top 3 revenue options you must consider before buying Kickstarter clone script?

As we know, Unity is power and this power can be used to raise funds. This concept is called crowdfunding and it’s much matured into an industry. If you want to start your own online business using this most effective concept, the easiest way is develop crowdfunding website using powerful kickstarter clone script.

What is Kickstarter clone script?


It’s ready-made script which is coded, designed and tested to launch an online platform similar to Kickstarter in a short span of time. This script has all the features and revenue options built in them. Therefore, when you configure this crowdfunding script into your server, Each and every important features and revenue options will be replicated into your website.

Inbuilt revenue options


Earning money is the common objective for every website owner. So, This kind of script must have following revenue model in order to earn money from the members of website.


  • Membership fee
  • Project listing fee
  • Pledge commission

Let’s analyze each and every option in detail:


Membership fee


Earn money when a user registers on your website

Whenever your website visitor register on website, He/ She need to pay a dedicated amount of fees by various ways of online payment such as credit card, debit card or PayPal. This revenue option ensures that your website doesn’t have any type of spam users. Only genuine users are a part of your website.

  Project listing fee


 Fetch revenue when user lists a crowdfunding campaign

Every member wants to transform his idea into a potential business. He will like to put his campaign on your website. Admin can charge him a small amount of listing fees for displaying his campaign over the web and helping him to arrange the funds as well.


Pledge commission

Make money from every pledge on your website

Whenever a user pledges money for a crowdfunding campaign, you can take some amount of dedicated percentage from them. This serves you helps you to earn enormously from every pledge made on your website.

Each and every crowdfunding script must have above revenue options to earn money from website. Besides this, php Kickstarnter clone script from NCrypted allows you to put banners on website which can be used for third-party advertisements or affiliate programs.

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