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Know How to Use Kickstarter Clone to Fund Your Unique Creativity

All it takes is a unique creative idea and during these 2 years of short span Kickstarter Clone had pledged millions of funds for entrepreneurs, artists, investors etc. Talking about Kickstarter Clones’ success ratio, it has very good success ration as compared to other crowdfunding platform such as Indiegogo Clone and SecondMarket Clone. So if you have unique creative idea but lacks huge capital to initiate with you must explore crowdfunding website to raise funds online.

The major aim to launch Kickstarter Clone is to bring ones unique creativity visible all across the world and people with similar interest can backup to achieve goal. When you opt for Kickstarter Clone creativity is must and you can even launch your own clone script similar to Kickstarter with your own functionality avoiding all-or-nothing funding functionality to attract project poster to raise funds using your unique Kickstarter clone.

Simple thing you can proceed with

  • Create strong pitch for your unique creative project
  • What amount is needed to complete successful project?
  • Decide timeline for fundraising

Crowdfunding is one of the good sources having ability to advertise direct advertisement all across internet and the main thing about this is you don’t lose project ownership.

Effective video for your unique creative project

Web based video is one of the effective factors for successful project funding which can make huge difference in success rate. It has been observed that project with web based video is having 54% success rate and project without video have 39% success rate.

Effective video will need some great attention to create

  • Come up with unique creative theme
  • Don’t stand alone in-front of camera for your project video
  • You can involve friends, family and colleagues in your project video
  • Create video with latest technology digital equipments
  • Represent captivating story by trial and error method
  • Average length should be 30 seconds or maximum 45 seconds

So it means that you need to get your video right and it will need some initial investment but once you have dashing video which catches attention of backers you would get money and one of the harder tasks is going to complete easily.

Comparing to those projects in the year of 2009 without video has 53% success rate and in 2011 success stories has increased by 80% and the reason is effective video which is capable enough to tell complete story about project posted to raise fund.

So if you are planning to start crowdfunding websites using fundraising software like Kickstarter Clone along with customized functionality included in it you can just drop us mail at sales@ncrypted.com and our business development executive will contact you within 24 hours.

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