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Create Project

How to Create Project using Fundraiser a Kickstarter Clone

Kickstarter Clone Menu

Kickstarter Clone Menu

After completing registration user will be allowed to create their project and publish onto clone website. User can discover the project and can help other as Backer and if they think they have creative project and needs to be funded they can start using Start Your Project option.

Step 1 – Click on Start Your Project in Header, Get Started Screen will appear where Project Guidelines are seen,

1 Get Started

Step – 2 Clicking on Basics Tab you can see following screen

Basics 1

Basics - 2

Basics - 3

After Filling form you can step forward on to

Step – 3 Rewards Tab, where you can specify Rewards if any.


Using this you can add various rewards for projects and go forward to

Step – 4 Story of Project with Video and Description of Project

Story of Project

Step – 5 About You, where you have to specify Something short about you

About You 1

About You 2

Step – 6 Accounts where you need to specify PayPal Account and Email Verification Status


Step – 7 Review Project and Do’s and Donn’s are mentioned

Review Project

Finally you can publish your project and can start funding it.

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