Jan 01,2016Jan 01,2016

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Can I customize Fundraiser as per specific business model?

Yes, we understand that simply using ready-made script will not fulfill all your niche market requirements. So we provide you with an opportunity to customize according to your demand so you need not have to pay for the functionality that is not necessary for your business.


What is the programming and technology that is being used for this Kickstarter Clone script?

We will recommend use of PHP for the development of PHP Kickstarter Clone. However, we can also utilize the feature rich platform of Joomla for the development of Kickstarter Joomla clone as well.


How can I earn money by my crowdfunding website?

This script provides wonderful scope to generate revenue by two ways such as from your Kickstarter Clone: advertising banners or membership plan. Our business team will help to judge which revenue model suits your ecommerce business so that you can go to market with confidence.


What support is included with Fundraiser?

You will provided 1 year free maintenance support by dedicated developer’s team for any kind of bugs solving or customize update.

What are the payment gateway our script supports?

By default PayPal & PayPal adaptive come free with initial package. Apart from that we could integrate any payment gateway into your crowdfunding website such as stripe, Authorize.Net, 2co, balanced payment gateway and many more.


What kind of server hosting is required to run Fundraiser? Do you provide hosting?

Yes, we offer affordable hosting solutions as well for your shared linux hosting, VPS, VPS on Cloud or dedicated server requirements to host Fundraiser.


Can I use your script without any programming skills?

Yes, sure. We will install the script for you and all you can manage everything from an advanced admin panel which is very user-friendly.